Thursday, May 6, 2010

Modify Tradition Swap

Modify Tradition

Even though I have too many projects going on and my brain is overflowing I have decided to participate in the Modify Tradition Mini Quilt Swap.  This will be my first swap, hey I had to try it one of these days right?  I am actually very excited about who I am going to be making my quilt for.  Should allow for some excessive creativity and I like that :)

Now for whoever has my name here is some extra info if you need it.  I really have an appreciation for all types of quilts.  The only things I am not really into are a lot of purple or a lot of pastel.  I like happy colors.  My favorite color is teal, but I also love green.  Some examples of different fabrics I like are Kaffe Fasset, Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, Heather Ross, Japanese and Retro prints but really, surprise me!  I also love solids mixed with prints, but I also love it when many busy prints work together.

Some other things about me, I like gardening, I watch Days of Our Lives, Fringe, glee, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Dexter, OK way too many TV shows...

Happy Swapping!

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