Friday, May 7, 2010

Here she is before...

 This machine is a Singer 15-91 manufactured November, 20 1953 in Elizabeth NJ.

The first vintage machine I ever purchased, in all it's dusty grimy glory.  That's right, I said first.  I have 3 others and I am going to pick up another 15-91 tomorrow, but mainly so I have the cabinet to sit this one in.  Well... unless the one we look at tomorrow is in better shape than this one, (fingers crossed), then I will have to decide which one to use!  This machine is supposed to be nice for free motion quilting so I am excited to see how it compares to sewing on my newer, electronic Kenmore.  I also have a couple more vintage singer models on my wish list I hope to run across someday...

  If you have a Singer and would like to look up the manufacturing info check it out here: Machine Serial Numbers and for even more vintage machine info check out this blog: Sew-Classic

DH is working on the rewiring and cleaning up now, I need to order polish and clean up the outside and then one day... hopefully... we will have more pictures.
Next in line for before pictures - my Singer 201-2, these ladies will eventually need names too...
I will have to show you Eleanor sometime, she is not a Singer, but born in Japan and quite beautiful!


  1. :) We have the same relationship with old sewing only gets worse! I'm up to 4 15-91's, 8 FW's, a 201, a 104(?) and few other randoms. The house is shrinking! :)

  2. 8 FW's!!!!!!!!!!!! DH is trying to find me my first one to fix up :)