Friday, October 29, 2010

Summer Pinwheels - Bloggers Quilt Festival

This is my first time participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, so Thank You for being here!

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

This quilt was inspired by the Glam Garden Gala (which was organized by Quilt Dad) recently hosted by the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild.
This was a challenge where we were to create something using the fabric provided plus one additional fabric which we were allowed to choose ourselves.

The fabric provided was a Ten Square containing 40 - 10" squares and I added Kona Cotton White yardage.

Fabric is: 

Thank you so much Robert Kaufman Fabrics for supporting the Glam Garden Gala!!!
This is not the first pattern I have created by far, but the first I will be writing a tutorial on!

I designed this pattern so that when the big blocks are put together you get additional pinwheels at the intersections.

There are large pinwheels and then the small pinwheels spinning in different directions.

What can I say, I love pinwheels!


It is funny how I fell into quilting.

It all started when I discovered designer fabrics, which then led me to pre-cut fabrics, then from there I began drawing out patterns on paper before I had even finished my first quilt!

I never planned on becoming a quilter, sometimes it is hard for me to believe given how obsessed with it I can be at times.

I can honestly say, the designing is my favorite part of the process.

I am so inspired by pre-cuts, I love to figure out ways to put them together. 

To me it's sort of like solving a puzzle, and I love having something to calculate and think about now that I stay at home.

What I learned from making this quilt is that I really need to find a good place to photograph big quilts.

I had to tie string to my front porch, cut the tops off the Canna Lillies, and then zoom in to get this picture.

Not ideal, but it will do for now.

and, the wind kept blowing!


We were also to create a block for a charity quilt.

When making the blocks for this quilt you will end up with a few bonus half-square triangles.

I used mine to create the pinwheels in the border of the above quilt and the hourglass blocks in the charity quilt block below.

Which I just realized I don't actually have a finished picture of, oh well :)

~ Lisa

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stash #8 - Solids!

I have been collecting solids as I go along.
I buy them when I find a good sale or clearance in whatever colors I can find.

At first at didn't mark which ones were which.
As I went along I started keeping track of the exact color name by pinning a little piece of paper to each piece.

Some is Kona, some is Moda Bella.

How is the weather up your way?

Lovely here today in the mid 70s :)

I really want a new sewing machine that is easy to piece and quilt on.

I have been reading reviews on the Juki TL-98Q.

It sounds like a winner, I am considering it.  
I am also a little in love with the Janome Horizon, but no amount of destashing over here will get me close to the $3000 price tag!
However, The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a contest and the Janome Horizon is one of the prizes!

Enter Here!
What sewing machine are you in love with?

Stay tuned for more destash!

~ Lisa

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

We are getting ready to head out to the Durham-Orange Quilter's Quilt Show

Just wanted to share this link with everyone this morning.  

 To raise awareness and fund research for Alzheimer's.

They are taking donations of 9" x 12" quilts and have quilts for sale.

Please see the below link for details.
 View from Pisgah Inn

 By the way, we recently took a trip to Asheville, NC

I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance!

Have a great weekend :)

~ Lisa

Friday, October 8, 2010