Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just call me the crazy hexagon lady...

Above are some examples of different size hexagons.

Paper pieces are usually measured by the length of the side of the hexagon.

Red flowers - 1"
piecing in progress underneath - 1/2"
Tiny green - 1/4"

So if you are crazy enough, join me on the quest to save those tiny scraps.

Maybe I will have this done by the time you are coming to visit me in the nursing home ;)

I do like English paper piecing. 

I know some despise it, but it is a great take-along project and can be done while watching TV.

Hexagons were one of the first projects that led me to quilting.  

Above is one of my long-term projects I work on from time to time, made from 1" hexagons. 

I cut all the paper pieces for this quilt out by hand because I was trying to be cheap, but you can buy them here: Paper Pieces - and I probaby will from now on.  

All that cutting can be hard on your hands.

Another long term project.

All fabrics from charm packs by Tula Pink.

2" hexagons are a good size for using with charm pack squares.

Another fun project below, English paper pieced soccer balls for X.

Made with 1" hexagons and pentagons!

Do you love hexagons?

Have a good weekend!

- Lisa


  1. I don't think I'll call you the crazy hexagon lady..I'll call you the hexagon Queen! :)
    Wonderful projects you have going. Each one is special.
    The 1/4" hexes amaze me. I saw a wall quilt at a show done with them and they were amazing. I hope you'll post what you do with them?

  2. Thanks :) Someday Ann, LOL, I may still be working on those in 30 years!

  3. Lucky me who found you here. I thought it was just me making that small hexies, 1/4". Now I know that we are at least two crazy ladies. You can find more hexagon quilts from if you visit my blog. Welcome!

    1. i m so interested in the 1/2 or 1/4 inch hexies also. I have none done yet but I am collecting all my friends scraps that they would toss out?? How do I get on your blog? I clicked on you but nothing came up.


  4. Wow fantastic work. I love hexagans too. But not with 1/4 Inch, I work with 1/2 Inch.

    Greetings from Germany, Grit